Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bringing up baby: 9 September 2012

Atilla was great to be with today. I don't recall specifics. He was charming from the time he awoke. He looks much less like a baby now his front curls are gone. Sigh.

We all had breakfast out at Cafe Melba, and Atilla enjoyed his spiced fluffy very much. We frequented the Fairy Festival.

Then he slept. 

He awoke, had an outing with Aunty and Uncle - a good time was had by all. He was very good during the outing, and listened to Aunty's instructions. 

I think his great mood was a carryover from yesterday. We played the same games: Hide in the Hanging Laundry, Wii Resort, Pull Atilla on Trunkie, etc.

I still have this dreadful cough. 

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