Sunday, 1 July 2012

1 July 2012: wha-?

So not alert. Atilla learned a new word a few days ago. Do not recall what it was.

Barely held onto my temper with him today during baking. He and I worked so well yesterday. He bashed the weetbix, he mixed the batter. Today he wanted to spoon the weetbix and eat the batter.

He swept everything near him off the prep bench, clattering loudly onto the floor.

Thank goodness for Dada to keep us apart from each other.

I'm learning baking though. Converting thick dough/batter into mini cupcakes - lower the baking temperature (even allowing for fan-forced oven) so that it cooks in 12-15 minutes.

In this instance, bake at 150C.

I'm still assessing converting to muffin-size cupcakes. At 150C, the center is still doughy after 25 minutes. So perhaps bake at 160C.


I was musing aloud on the words Atilla now knows. He knows more than he'll say.

He knows 'chair' and 'table'.

Interestingly, when I asked if he knew the words, he immediately came to the child-sized chair and table to sit down and ... draw, I think. He definitely did draw today.

Note Atilla did not respond his "yes" or "no", but demonstrated what a table and chair was used for.


He very nicely waved "good bye" to me as he was driven down the driveway.


He sat on his toddler trike and played by himself.


What was that word? Noun? Pronoun? Not an adjective.

I shall fall asleep pondering.

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