Saturday, 14 July 2012

14 July 2012: sick

We've all been taking turns being sick this fortnight, it appears. Atilla first, me, then Dada. Me and Dada still sick.


Taking Tilly to doctor, he's being treated for whooping cough but he probably doesn't have it. I can't get a confirmation on the diagnosis because it isn't cost-effective for the system to take the time to confirm - blather about nose swabs, low count, 10-day results, by which time the treatment for whooping cough is finished. In the meantime keep in isolation for 5 days, which means taking time off work.

We believe Tilly had a bad cold, combined with furious coughing due to his crying when he doesn't get his way - like not skipping his medicine. Dada and I are having difficulties with this strain of cold virus, and so is my boss.

I'm ever thankful Ah Ma and Ah Gong live only 30min drive away. And they have a good relationship with Tilly. And she's free to look after Tilly.

I had a taste of what life could be like if it were Dada and I and Tilly in splendid isolation. I'd drive Tilly and Dada mad when I'm sick, and don't realise I'm still too sick to look after an active changeable toddler.


Tilly has fun with "bish". He picks random imaginary fluff off his clothing, drops it into my palm, and I put it into the rubbish bin. It's an improvement from him picking my nose, giving it to me, and I put it into the rubbish bin.


He's learning the word 'sheep'. Did I mention he know the word "dragon"?

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