Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27 June 2012: baby update

"Botle botle botle puhto puhto puhto bahto bahto badu badu badu badu badu badu badu-"

Takes a breath, "Badu badu badu badu puhto puhto puhto pahto pahto pahto bahto bahto bahto-"

All the 30 minute drive to daycare school. The moment I turn into the carpark, silence from the back seat.


I do my best to engage Atilla with household tasks.

He has been collecting his re-useable wipe cloths since he was able to pull himself up to stand and reach the lower rungs of the laundry airer. He is bored with this now and no longer smiles with self-important pride of this accomplishment.

He made himself a toddler-sized 'broom' from a to-be-mended cloth foodcover. He uses it to sweep the floor. I was/am very impressed by his ingenuity in seeing this possibility.

This week he has assisted in making dinner, by peeling onions and putting the brown skins into the rubbish, and giving the peeled white onions to Dada to chop.


He is still obsessed by the picture of a wolf 'dog' hanging in the daycare supervisor's office. They have colour-copied it and given one to him. He still prefers the colour-copy in the office. The 'dog' pic is for May, which he would have seen for a couple of weeks before our holiday.


Atilla is still seeking Dada for comfort. Or, he is seeking reasons to stay up and so asks for the person not with him, thereby prolonging the indulgence of delayed bedtime.


He really likes bacon, and chicken liver. It was a very delicious meal by Dada. I'm so lucky.




I'm so happy with my life. I'm tired through insufficient rest. But my life is great.

I have a well-paying job. I have a charming son. I have a supportive husband. I've just had a wonderful holiday. My family gives me fantastic support. The team and atmosphere of Atilla's daycare school is so friendly and warm and educational. I have no money worries.

I'm enjoying this moment for as long as I have them. It won't last forever. So right now I'm absolutely Happy.

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