Thursday, 21 June 2012

21June 2012: baby update

To my great relief, Atilla has resumed the standard change nappy position - lying on his back.

For a very long time - since he learned to stand (before his first birthday) - he has battled against the lying down technique. This behaviour was trying for everyone concerned: mum, dad, grandma, auntie, teachers at daycare.

Sometime on our vacation, he decided he would lie down again. I don't recall when. I was busy changing him. I was too focussed on the Change Nappy routine. I remember I didn't have to chase him around the room.

I thought I ought to note this milestone.


Atilla combined two spoken words appropriately! "No bird" Dad reported.


I'm compiling a list of essential and useful words Atilla ought to know, and parents to recognise in NZSL.

In no particular order and non-exhaustive:
Full ('I'm full')
Water ('drink water')
Thank you

Atilla is very familiar with Hello and Good-bye. He doesn't use them though. I wonder why?

23 June 2012
Correction. He does use Hello and Good-bye. Just not with me, for real.

He uses it with me in Peek-a-boo games. He uses Good-bye with others, and in games.

For instance today he was in a pay-machine helicopter in the Meadowbank shopping centre. Sadly, the machine was 'broken' ;-) though the girl ahead of him had "fun" sitting in the machine while it moved up and down.

Though mum was obtuse, Atilla finagled his way into the machine. I think he had more fun than the girl who sat so quietly in the machine.

Atilla sat on the floor of the helicopter, as he could then reach the buttons and flashing lights and joystick on the dashboard. He grabbed the heavy lock on the coin-box and it made a dulled thwacking noise as it knocked against all the metal. He pressed the buttons. He fiddled with the security chains, pulling at them and exploring them. He stood up and sat on the seat, emulating the little girl. It was boring. He stood up and his head just missed touching the roof. He grabbed the joystick and wiggled it. He grinned and smiled and said Good-bye to people walking past. Loads of fun. He pressed his hands on the plastic windscreen.

He couldn't have done all that if the machine was moving.

Besides, he's been on something more exciting: the grown up carousel on Brighton Beach!

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