Friday, 22 June 2012

23 June 2012: new baby milestone

w00t! Atilla is able to let mummy and dada sleep in! For the past few mornings with us, he comes into our room, into our bed, and snuggles in.

He no longer wails to be taken down stairs!

So gonna enjoy this while it lasts.


 As we were having dinner tonight, I begin to speculate I may not want another baby.

Atilla has begun to practise the table manners he learned at daycare. Not throwing food around. Concentrating on eating. That kind of stuff.

And I find this sooo soothing. I relinquish a little bit of my anxiety.

Now, when he makes a mess it is sooo intentional. But I know he can feed himself and not make a big mess. He only makes a mess when he gets bored.

I enjoy not being anxious. I like having myself back. So, I am not certain I want to go through the feeding-anxiety again.

p.s. tonight I had to clean the dining table and the dining room floor to remove the grease from Atilla's dinner.

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