Saturday, 12 May 2012

12 May 2012: another great day

Another great day from Atilla. He woke up earlier than preferred by his parental units, but he did entertain himself - climbing into my bed, clambering over my face, getting out of bed, climbing into my bed, clambering over my face. I got the hint eventually, and allowed myself to be persuaded to wake up. The sun wasn't up yet. Sir ate his breakfast beautifully, feeding himself his weetbix. It gave me time to make Dad's tea, and English muffins for myself. We had a lovely family breakfast - yay! It wasn't even 9 am yet. We played, I cleaned up after breakfast, Dad prepared goat casserole in the slow cooker. Then we got out of the house to visit Western Springs park. Our target: ducks, geese, swans. We met the bird life there, and Atilla was very pleased - everything that wasn't "bird" or "dog" or "baby" was pointed out with a gleeful "duck". Whether it were geese, pukeko, moorhen, cockerels or chickens. The playground there is fantastic. For all age groups! The drawback is that it is mostly in shade, and cold in autumn/winter. Memo to self: playground pack should include a towel to dry seats, a jumper, and a spare change of trousers. He napped in the car on the long way home via Dominion Road bakery. He woke up in our garage, tearful. We settled him back down, and he ate well enough to have energy to play, and go out again to the local playground, with Dad. Wow. Got back, I settled him down for an afternoon nap around 3. He slept well, to about 4.30. He woke, tearful, but he settled back down again to his interrupted play. What a life. Auntie and Uncle visited briefly. We the family played together until bath time, he bathed, then played some more until dinner time. he ate dinner sufficiently, then played some more until I insisted it was bed time. "Upstairs, brush teeth, book, and bed." This was another enjoyable half hour or so. I read him books as he sat on my lap. It was really bedtime though. So into bed, lights off, and settling down to proper sleep with a song or two of tunes. Good night my sweet.

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