Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Story 6

Life was meant to be enjoyed! Atilla believed this with all his heart and mind. Life began at 3 o'clock in the morning, whatever Mother and Father decided otherwise.

He played quietly with the rattle-book for two shakes, but it proved unsatisfactory. It was too dark. His parents didn't leave him any nightlight to play by. Or read by. Silly people. Still, he had a efficacious standby solution for this turn of events.

Atilla stood by Mommy's bedside and began to wail. "Waah-hhh-"

"Hush, sweetie, what's the matter?" he hears a sleepy Mommy voice. Phase One was a success!


Pre-breakfast over, Mommy takes him to the bathroom/toilet for the Change Nappy Routine. Atilla conceded the battle as he had a separate goal in mind.

"Dooug," he proclaimed.

"Yes, that is a picture of a dog (on the Andrex bag of toilet paper rolls)."


"Yes, that is a picture of a dog."

Nuh, Mommy still did not understand. Once more, with feeling. "Dooug," Atilla says imperatively.

"Darling, what do you want to do with the dog?"

Oh yes, now she was getting the idea. So, once more into the breech. "Dooug," he explains.

Now he hears an explicable change in tone in her voice. "Do you want to take the dog upstairs?"

Ah ha! We - she and he - has a breakthrough.

Atilla grabs the bag and hauls it to the door. Boo hoo, the door is locked and closed!

"Let me open the door for you."

Atilla grabs and hauls the bag through the open door. He hauls it to the foot of the steps (five baby steps away).

Now, how to get it upstairs? He attacks this problem with a simple solution. He pushes it vertically up the step. Then climbs up the step. And pushes the bag (as large as he is, with several toilet rolls inside) up to the next step. This is very awkward. He gives this solution another go, onto the next step. Phew... This is awkward exhausting work.

Mommy is no help. She just stands there like a muppet, watching. Bah.

Atilla attempts a different tack. He climbs onto the next step, and hauls the bag up after him. Oh yes, much faster. But still exhausting. Is there any other way?

In the meantime, let's try this climb-haul hypothesis again... Oh no! The bag has slipped out of his grasp, and fallen the four hard-fought steps! Mommy is no help. She just stands and watches.

Atilla slides down the steps, and re-starts his quest. He pushes the Andrex bag upright onto the first step. Then, brainwave!

He up stretches his arms, "Bhau bhau (Pick up)."

Mother picks up Atilla.

Atilla leans over, picks up the Andrex bag.

One carrying the other, they wended their way up the stairs to show Daddy the dog.

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