Friday, 25 May 2012

Bringing up baby: I can't keep up

At this 16-17 month mark, I can't keep track of the developmental milestones.

Atilla has learned about fantasy play, such as putting a 'bag' on his arm and 'going out' thus necessitating "Bye bye". He has learned about fantasy hats, i.e. random objects placed on head becoming silly hats.

He develops games of his own, wherein only he knows the rules, such as today.

He and I are playing in the hallway, with Daddy in the living room. Then, Atilla learns he can close the door on me. So he does.

"Oh noh," I hear from the other side.

Dear me. My precious baby needs comforting. Slyly, I open the door. Quietly, to give him a pleasant surprise.

I see my precious insistently involving Daddy to get him to open the door. Atilla turns around.

"Oh noh!" his unhappy declaration sounds very genuine upon seeing me.

He toddles fast to close the door on me again.

"Oh noh," I hear from the other side. Full of curiousity now, I slyly and quietly open the dor to see what that kid is up to. He is pulling Daddy off the couch again. I quickly and gently close the door.

"Acting runs in the family, right?" I speculate randomly.


Another game, 'Stop'.

It starts with Atilla placed in a non-childproofed area with many irreplaceable objects such as old books with deteriorating bindings.

It continues with Atilla sloo-wly reaching out to it/them.

Mummy hurries up to prevent any contact between said Atilla and objects.

Catchphrase: "Stop!"
In varying serious tones.

Not that he takes it seriously. He thinks I've made up a new game for him. Because then he rushes to the other side of the room - similarly not childproofed - and reaches out his hand (not touching the objects) happily says "stop!" Then runs off to another sensitive part of the house to repeat the same actions.

At least he identifies the sensitive parts of the house.


Today Atilla had much fun chasing after pigeons in the local church graveyard. He ran after them, around them, with outbursts of, "birds!" "doove!" "birds!"

It was delightful to watch.


He is teething with all four molars coming through. One on each side, top and bottom. It has become tricksy to have him brush his teeth. I resorted to showing YouTube clips to show him how it can be done. So, today before bedtime, he let me brush his teeth. Once.


At bedtime he biffed me one on the eye. Accidentally with a board book. Not sure which one. I lost my self control - excessively sleepy, feeling ill-health - I broke down and wept. He did too. I remember I tried my best to comfort him and acknowledge his remorse. Next thing I know, I wake up at dusk 9pm with Atilla by my side on his bedding.

My eyelid is swollen and tender.

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