Wednesday, 25 April 2012

25 April 2012

It was another lovely day with Atilla. It was a unprepossessing start: 5.30am wake up (my fault) but he managed to settle himself back to sleep to 6.30, whereupon he engaged himself in pushing books into my hand. I slumbered as best I could until I could no longer fake unconsciousness. He was quite lovely and good natured about all this. He smiled and hugged me, and I read a book to him. We meandered downstairs, I faffed about making his breakfast. As it is a non-work day, I made an attempt to have breakfast with my son. (On work days, he has his breakfast while I prepare the take always for the family. I have breakfast in the car or at work.) Dad had breakfast with Atilla, which is very nice. After my breakfast, Atilla preoccupied himself with keeping me engaged with him. Dancing, carrying, spilling water or milk on the floor and mopping it with a cloth or towel. Eventually I was given time to take a shower. Feeling cleansed, I felt able to present myself outdoors and take Atilla along. So we did. The local playground was quite busy with kids and parents and babies. Atilla had fun taking charge of the expedition. Hand-in-hand, we walked the perimeter of the playground twice. The grounds has a wee bit of a boundary 'wall' of varying height depending where you stand. Atilla discovered the one area where he could step over the 'wall' and he was in! He watched the kids, he pointed out the babies, he signed at the birds, he climbed up the slide, he climbed the stairs to the slide, he slid down the slide, he signed "more", he played the piano keys, he enjoyed the swing, he signed "stop". He vocalised "babi" so we visited the closest baby. We went home, etc. Then in an effort to have him nap, we drove to another playground - this time in One Tree Hill. It was teeming. Atilla awoke from his nap (I had attempted to emulate him) and we set off on the mission: bubbles in One Tree Hill. Everybody had fun. Bubbles were generated in the gentle breeze, it floated far and high. Other children came to play, and other people smiled. Atilla enjoyed watching the play. I carried him at one point to catch some bubbles Dada made. We went to the playground proper, where I was forbidden to use the bubble wand. Atilla had fun taking charge. And now I want to sleep. Good night.

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