Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bringing up Baby: Elimination Communication update

Atilla is over 14 months old. He is more charming than ever. Today was one of our best days - so far I have counted 3 Best Days.

He was in a great mood when he woke up in the morning, he ate well, he was very patient on our errands, he napped well-ish, he woke well, he played well, he poo-ed well, he ate well, he played well, he's sleeping well.

I promised an update on EC.

For a unbearably long time Atilla took to standing on the loo to poo or wee, and I found it quite stressful as the wee mite was crying so hard as he was poo-ing, not to mention the mess to clean up afterwards depending on the type of stool and the spray radius of the toilet.

Then he started daycare and it was one less stress for everybody.

Lately we are working well together. He makes a sudden fuss, he gets taken to the toilet, he is put on the toilet, he sits, he poos and poos and poos, he smiles and reaches out to be taken off the toilet, I wipe his butt butt, he is patient as I wipe, I put him down, he occupies himself, I clean up and flush the toilet. Then we go together to the next room to put on the new nappy.

Changing nappy is another process which will go no further here.

So on the whole, the training of parent and baby has been worthwhile time-wise and money-wise.

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