Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bringing up baby: Queen's Birthday year 3

It's been a great weekend. Today was marvellous. I spent the day playing with Tilly, more or less. He was nice to us too, mostly. He didn't have any screen-time at all. Wow.

We're experimenting with no daytime sleep for Tilly. Mum and Dad will still take a nap when we need it after lunch, so Tilly has to look after himself. He seems ok with that ad hoc plan. He's got his water bottle, and I put out some snacks for him to find. When we're ready for company again, we call out, "where are you [name]?" (as popularised by Tilly himself).

Tilly is also combining lots of words together. I can only assume he's been doing much more often at daycare, given the verbal reports I've had of how well he speaks when he's there.

We played Stick, we played Hit the Ball with the Stick, we played Drag the Stick, I got to do quite a bit of knitting of Tilly's second half of his third slippers, we listened quietly to music, we did jigsaw, we played Kick the Balloon, we read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, we read Animalia, Tilly tried pooping, we generally spent a lot of time together.

He gave me a hug when I asked for one. He's so sweet.

He also let me sleep in from 6.30am to 8am. He's fantastic.


I still miss watching him run, as a 1-2yo. His joy in speeding along, propelling himself head first, his arms sticking straight behind him, his eyes squinting and his grinning face. I regret I don't have a photo of that.
Baby Tilly running joyously (c) ^_^ 2013

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