Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bringing up baby: beach ii

Done. Went to beach - Mission Bay - with Atilla. He was nattily dressed in his UV-protected one-piece with a hat on. Slathered in sunscreen for protective measure. Staying mostly in shade under blooming pohutakawa trees for cooling value.

Picturesque Rangitoto looming in the close horizon, clear waves lapping the sandy beach, adventure playground in direct line of sight. He preferentially picked the fallen brown pohutakawa leaves under the park bench.

He was gently introduced to the waving waters of the Waitemata. His toes curled away.

We had lunch.

I attempted a more inviting approach. Nope.

We sat some more while he explored the park bench. I enjoyed the restful scenario. I wish I could do this more often.

We finished with a session on the funky swings.

Now, what other daydreams do I want to fulfil before my time is up?

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