Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bringing up Baby: memories A Lovely Day

We had a lovely day.

Atilla did not cry to sleep for his morning nap. He slept in his cot. He napped for an hour.

I found our picnic mat. We had our first picnic in our garden. Atilla kept his sunhat on. He ventured onto the grass. He played with the bucket-picnic basket. He didn't get bit by ants or mosquitoes.

After that we finished lunch in the house. He kept busy snacking grapes while I did the dishes. Then we played very many. It was lovely and heartwarming. He chortled and giggled and smiled toothily. His fifth and sixth teeth are coming out.

Atilla didn't cry to sleep for his afternoon nap. He napped for an hour. He was in his cot.

He awoke crying, becoming inconsolable as we hunted around the house for person or people not there.

Eventually he allowed me to feed him. This afternoon meal took an hour. We played some more, marking time until Daddy arrived home to take a bath wih Atilla.

Atilla 'knows' silliness. I pretended to drink from his water bottle, and it prompted a wide smile.

Atilla didn't cry to sleep for his evening sleep. He fell asleep in his cot.

We need black-out curtains.

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