Monday, 15 August 2011

story 3.1

The magnolia tree was blooming full of pink-purple flowers. Mother snarled and sneered at the pesky moth-plant vine which threatenned to strangle the trees.

She said there wasn't much she could do about it this year. Atilla hoped she'll feel better about it next year.

There were many unusual occurrances so far this year, so far as he had been told about.

Mainly to do with the weather. Plum tree blossoming and leaving in early winter. Warm spring-like picnic weather in winter. Snow in Auckland!

Dad was pleased about the snow. He was disappointed that all he saw was hail.

Atilla was disappointed that the wild weather meant he still didn't get to the playground. Mother said she didn't want Atilla to be blown over by the Antarctic polar wind.

It was a real shame, as this could have been the opportunity to use the tailwind and set the world record for going over the bar on the swings.

So here he was, a caged tiger prowling his territory. Growling at the outside world which he is cruelly deprived from enjoying. Pouncing at perceived prey.

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